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Jerseylicious dinner with Jimmy Doherty

Last week, farmer and TV presenter Jimmy Doherty joined our mission to get the nation celebrating that little Champagne of the potato world…the Jersey Royal. Jimmy hosted an exclusive media and bloggers dinner at London cookery school Food at 52, working with chef Bridget Colvin to serve up some of his favourite Jersey Royal dishes.…


When Bad Taste Delivers Results

It’s hard to forget the release of Protein World’s ad ‘Are You Beach Body Ready?’ which sent ripples (or perhaps tsunamis) through the media last summer.   Suzy Bashford’s piece ‘Do We Offend You?’, which appeared in this month’s issue of Marketing, references this particular example in her discussion of ‘the taste debate’ which seeks to…


A Riesling to Celebrate

As a mother, I used to think that there were two types of people on the planet; those who have children and those who don’t. We all live in the same parallel universe but our lives are so very fundamentally different. But perhaps it’s even simpler than that? Perhaps the divide is just those who love Riesling and…


Merry Phippsmas

The countdown is well and truly on as we propel though the final few days toward Christmas. For those of you wrestling with hostess nerves or cooks who still can’t decide what to do with the sprouts, then look no further. Phipps’ good friend and chef extraordinaire, Martin Lam, has kindly given us two fail…


A trade tasting with a difference

Wines from Rioja’s new concept 10×10 Trade Tasting on Tuesday 10th November at Banking Hall was a huge success attracting key trade and media across all sectors of the wine industry. The concept worked as a fantastic platform to highlight the quality and diversity produced in the region giving trade an overview and illustrating that…


Rioja team up with Imbibe to engage the trade

This year Wines from Rioja has worked in partnership with Imbibe magazine on a number of activities targeted at the UK on trade. We kicked off 2015 with a series of panel tastings with experts from four sectors of the on-trade – gastro pubs, fine dining restaurants, wine and cocktail bars, and neighbourhood restaurants –…


Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival

So the food festival season is over and Phipps Chairman Miranda Page Wood tells us what makes the  Aldeburgh Festival special for her. ‘ It was a beautiful weekend bathed in sunshine for the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival, celebrating ten years of bringing together all the magical foody produce there is in Suffolk. I…


Pumpkin packing a punch for craft beer

Pumpkin schmumpkin I hear you cry. But just wait a minute…I thought the same about pumpkin beer, until Sunday night when the other half and I discovered some absolute crackers. With absolutely no hint of the artificial flavouring that I have long associated with flavoured or seasonal beers (except for those aged in spirits casks….I…


The lunacy of the English wine industry

Our MD Nicky Forrest shares some thoughts on England’s green and Vineyard laden lands…   The lunacy of the English wine industry is not lost on me.   A marginal climate which makes it difficult to grow ripe grapes; vines that extremely susceptible to early Spring frost  (of which we have lots) and the fact that…