Posts from: March 2014


I learnt recently how we can make such a big difference to others simply by making some very small changes in our own lives. Spending an extra few pence on box of Fairtrade tea which, based on average consumption, totals no more than a few pounds each year, really does make a huge difference to…

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Over the last few years, the term ‘recession’ has filtered into our everyday language, bringing up 16,300,000 results on Google and 90,400 on The Guardian’s UK website alone (18/03/14). While it’s clear to see that the marketplace for wine remains a challenging one, we are seeing signs of that other frequently used phrase, ‘economic recovery’.…

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Tio Pepe Supper Club

So the days are getting (slightly) longer, there’s been a hint of sunshine and the clocks are due to change in the not-too-distant future – spring may still be a massive tease but I’ve noticed a difference in my fellow commuters as they sense the beginning of the change too; slightly less hunched and sallow-looking,…

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