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‘A Favour’

Phipps MD Nicky Forrest shortlisted in Simon Cheek’s ‘A Favour’ at the Virgin Media Shorts

“My two daughters Emma (6) and Charlotte (3) and I were cast in this chilling short film where a chance encounter in a car park challenges the audience’s assumptions about terrorism. Utimately it’s an immensely clever short film about a terrorist act, a kind of who dunnit that is shocking because it challenges all your prejudices and preconceptions about terrorism.

To be honest Emma was invited to the audition and when we arrived it turned out they were looking for a family so we all did the screen test together and ended up getting the part.  If you ever need a masterclass in self advancement through your children then I’m your woman. Oh and one last thing, when I saw the original scripts they were looking for a middle class London mum age around 28 – knowing that will keep me happy for ever.

All the films are amazing but if you feel like voting then check it out here