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Pumpkin schmumpkin I hear you cry. But just wait a minute…I thought the same about pumpkin beer, until Sunday night when the other half and I discovered some absolute crackers. With absolutely no hint of the artificial flavouring that I have long associated with flavoured or seasonal beers (except for those aged in spirits casks….I…

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12 pairs of trainers donned, nearly 50 miles walked and 10 miles cycled. We just saw it as a chance to see London in all its glory, and in the sunshine, rather than go underground on our commutes. This is what we enjoyed in our beautiful capital…Rhian even found our namesake Phipp St (should we…

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I learnt recently how we can make such a big difference to others simply by making some very small changes in our own lives. Spending an extra few pence on box of Fairtrade tea which, based on average consumption, totals no more than a few pounds each year, really does make a huge difference to…

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Bottle labels…they mean so much don’t they? It’s our first impression of a product and whilst many of us want to say we don’t judge a book by its cover, if we’re honest with ourselves we all do it at least a little bit. A recent challenge with the other half to work our way…

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Working with the Tea Board of Kenya means that a few weeks ago I had the great fortune of travelling to this beautiful East African country with two very lovely companions, Katy Salter and Laura Edwards. Our purpose was to discover the tea plantations and find out what and who takes our tea from field…

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