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I learnt recently how we can make such a big difference to others simply by making some very small changes in our own lives. Spending an extra few pence on box of Fairtrade tea which, based on average consumption, totals no more than a few pounds each year, really does make a huge difference to the lives of those very special men and women without whom we wouldn’t even be able to enjoy our daily cuppa.

The stunning Burnside and Welbeck Estates, suppliers of Fairtrade tea to Clipper, in the Nilgiri mountain range of South India are home to hundreds of families who would otherwise have no access to medical care, education, child care or recreational facilities. But thanks to the Fairtrade premiums on boxes of Clipper Tea the tea pickers and factory workers of these estates are seeing their educated children head off to university for a bright future; they see their loved ones being treated in a safe and clean hospital; and crucially they are paid a fair wage way above the Government’s minimum wage, and can even earn bonuses year round.

It may seem minimal to us but that extra few pence makes such a big difference if we all remember that change really can taste good, and #ditchtheoldbag for a new cup of Fairtrade tea!