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Giving thanks for our tea

Working with the Tea Board of Kenya means that a few weeks ago I had the great fortune of travelling to this beautiful East African country with two very lovely companions, Katy Salter and Laura Edwards. Our purpose was to discover the tea plantations and find out what and who takes our tea from field to cup.

It got me thinking about where we’d be without tea. The UK Tea Council estimates we drink about 165m cups a day in the UK! It seems impossible at first and then you start to think about what a cup of tea can do.

It warms; it refreshes; it comforts; it provides a moment in the day to simply take a break.

I think back to the very sad moment at my desk a number of years ago when I received a phone call to say my best friend had died. The first thing a colleague said was ‘I’ll put the kettle on’. And boy did that cup of tea feel like a thousand little arms wrapped around me.

On presenting a birthday cake to someone, the natural instinct is to make tea (unless it’s at my mum’s house and then cake always comes with fizz!).

Upon starting a long and arduous task, we must always begin with a cup of tea.

To celebrate, to commiserate, to comfort. When chatting, when relaxing, when needing to keep your energy up. Tea literally is the solution to a million scenarios.

We do it without thinking and very often take it for granted but think of a life without tea…it’s genuinely too sad for words.

So say a big thank you to these people who make it a reality…

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