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I would make a meat pun but I’d probably butcher it…

One of the many benefits of working at Phipps is the infamous Phipps 400. The chance to pick up a new skill in any discipline; from cocktail making to Taekwondo, upholstery to sushi rolling anything is on the table. This week our resident Texan, Jessie Dickerson headed to Borough Market to try her hand at butchery. Here is how she got on…


I have never known anyone to appreciate a good, rare steak or chargrilled burger more than me. Being from Texas, it makes sense that I would have a strong appreciation for a nice piece of meat, and when I learned of the butchery classes offered at London shop The Ginger Pig, I knew it was time to make my dreams of using a bone saw finally come true. Ginger Pig supplies the meat for some of my favourite restaurants like Hawksmoor and Honest Burger, and just walking up to the shop and smelling our dinner being cooked, I knew I was in for a good night.

The course started out with a washing up, and us standing in front of the counter while the head butcher talked to us about the different cuts of meat and which parts of the cow the meat comes from. Next, we gathered around the actual butcher’s block where the meat is carved each day to get a lesson in how to ask for the right cuts from your local butcher and how to properly season and cook beef. Then we were given our own set of knives and were cut loose to rip apart our very own joints to take home. After tying them up, weighing them, and leaving them in the cooler to sit for a while, we traded in our knives for a glass of wine and found a cosy spot to settle in for dinner. Our teachers so graciously served us a delicious meal of the same type of meat we had just carved (which fell right off the bone), warm, peppery potatoes au gratin and a simple yet delicious green salad. All of the students stood around having a chat about what we learned, and after dinner, I even got to sneak into the meat locker all alone to snap some up close and personal pictures of my own.

I couldn’t recommend their classes more. Whether you’re interested in cooking, or can just appreciate the power of a good burger, learn from the best over at the Ginger Pig.