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The team at Phipps is expert in food and drink communications. We call it Food & Drink Intelligence. All our work is rooted in insight and a deep understanding of the ever changing world of food and drink and has one simple goal - to grow our clients' businesses.


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Women in Wine: Panel structure and Qs

Our MD Nicky talks about the Women in Wine event she was involved in this week…   I was invited last night to talk to the Women in Wine London group @WineWomenLDN about consumer PR and communication in the wine industry.   The panel included the illustrious Abi Barlow from @BDCreativeUK and @michelcherutti wine educator extraordinaire. …


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Give it a Whirl 2014!

It’s no secret that a portion of the British public has been wary of German wines for a few years. Enter the Wines of Germany ‘Give it a Whirl’ tour! This summer, we’ve been on the road with our pub garden stand, sampling and spreading the word about German wine at a number of foodie…


What’s in a name?

Over the years London Wine Fair has gained and lost more letters than anyone cares to remember LWF – LIWF – LIWSF – LIWF and finally back to LWF.  It’s almost as if the fair went on an international journey but decided that home was best after all.   And it’s true, for many reasons, partly…


Talk about busy…

London Wine Fair always brings our wine clients from all over the world into town and we always have an entertaining time with them.  First off the Harpers Awards dinner with Matthew Clark and Wines of Germany at the Hurlingham where the Rieslings definitely got the biggest cheer of the night, then onto Rioja and…


All aboard the Tio Pepe Sherry Ferry

On what was the sunniest day of April, the Tio Pepe Sherry Ferry sailed. A canal barge to celebrate Tio Pepe fino loaded full with sherry and Iberica tapas, transformed into a floating Feria de Jerez! The barge was decked out with bucket loads of ice cold Tio Pepe, Feria de Jerez bunting, traditional Spanish…


On home soil

Having recently returned from a ski trip to Bulgaria that included rather a lot of hot, locally-produced Rakia with honey, I got to thinking about those drinks we regularly imbibe on foreign soil and how much better they taste when sipped in their country of origin. Whether it’s German beer, Mexican tequila, or a good…



I learnt recently how we can make such a big difference to others simply by making some very small changes in our own lives. Spending an extra few pence on box of Fairtrade tea which, based on average consumption, totals no more than a few pounds each year, really does make a huge difference to…


Enter the new generation of discerning sippers!

Over the last few years, the term ‘recession’ has filtered into our everyday language, bringing up 16,300,000 results on Google and 90,400 on The Guardian’s UK website alone (18/03/14). While it’s clear to see that the marketplace for wine remains a challenging one, we are seeing signs of that other frequently used phrase, ‘economic recovery’.…


Tio Pepe Supper Club

So the days are getting (slightly) longer, there’s been a hint of sunshine and the clocks are due to change in the not-too-distant future – spring may still be a massive tease but I’ve noticed a difference in my fellow commuters as they sense the beginning of the change too; slightly less hunched and sallow-looking,…


Say it with food this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day seems to be bigger than ever this year, with magazines and websites awash with guides to romance, gifts and of course the all-important food and drink to woo that special someone. This year is all about the food, with extravagant special menus popping up for the rich (or very showy). Michelin starred chef…


A taste of the West

As Phipps’ resident Americophile, it has been great to see some of America’s finest exports hit British shores in recent years – Homeland and J Crew to name but a few, it’s becoming ever easier to find that slice of Americana without even getting on a plane. However, regular visits Stateside still leave me wanting…