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Sainsbury’s #LoveYourFreezer

This February we found out that:
– You can cook up a gourmet dish from your freezer in no time at all using surprising finds like crab claws
– We can waste less food by using frozen herbs like chilli, coriander and garlic
– Cooking with onions doesn’t necessarily mean tears – keep a bag of pre-chopped frozen onions in your freezer for a reliable staple to hand
– Shelina Permalloo – winner of Masterchef 2012 – is equally as beautiful in real life as she is on the television and she too loves Gregg’s biscuity buttery base!

Over the past couple of months we’ve been working with Sainsbury’s on its ‘Love Your Freezer’ campaign that culminated in an event at Food at 52 in London for journalist and bloggers. Aiming to challenge pre-conceptions around frozen foods and showcase the variety and quality of foods available in the frozen food aisle, foodies came together for a dinner party hosted by Shelina. The Masterchef champion and Author cooked up a delicious sunshine style menu that included salt and chilli stir fried crab claws, long and lazy chilli with nachos and apple and blueberry crumble enjoyed by all.

It’s safe to say frozen food pre-conceptions were certainly dispelled and we ‘love our freezers’ more than ever before.