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Simple Sunday MEATY bolognaise

I know it’s Monday and you’ll need to wait an entire week to enjoy this delight on a Sunday. However, I made this yesterday and it was so good that I’m sharing the details immediately. Yes it’s a classic dish, but stick to the below and you’ll have the meatiest, greatest bol ever. 6 days to go!

Ingredients –

Olive oil

2 x finely chopped onion

4 x obliterated garlic clove

3 x roughly chopped carrot

1.5kg beef mince

1 tsp cumin

Couple of splashes of Worcestershire sauce

2 tbsp tomato puree

2 tins chopped toms

1 litre beef stock

2 bay leaves

Method –

Sweat (low heat, do not brown) onion and carrot for 10 mins in olive oil then add garlic and sweat for another 5 mins

Chuck in all the mince and brown

Add cumin, Worcestershire sauce, puree, S&P. Stir

Add stock, tinned toms and bay leaves. Stir and bring to boil

Simmer for 80 mins(ish) until reduced and lovely. Season to taste and skim off any fat.

SERVE (with or without bread)