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Swimming caps at the ready

We’re an active lot at Phipps. Rachael’s the Kettle Bells queen , Jessie enjoys hard core circuits, Lowri loves yoga, Lucy can’t get enough of bootcamp, Lottie’s our resident marathon runner, Jen enjoys exercise retreats and Harriet cycles everywhere.

But, a new sport has hit Phipps shores – outdoor swimming. Yes, you may think we’re crazy. But no, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Nicky, the originator of the Phipps outdoor swimming movement has recently returned from a SwimTrek in four of Scotland’s coldest lochs.  She said that there is nothing like swimming for miles in black, deep, cold water to make you feel alive if somewhat exhausted.

So, on a breezy end of August evening, Dalany and I thought let’s give Tooting Bec Lido a go. At 16c, we put on our wetsuits and braved a shock to the system. Forcing me to jump in, Dalany knew what she was doing. No-body appreciates a toe dangler at the side of the swimming pool. The cold hit immediately but after one 90m length, we were feeling fine. Seven lengths down, we were last to leave.

Not only is swimming great exercise, swimming outdoors is so refreshing. There’s something great about battling the elements to exercise, making it feel so much more rewarding. Also, for Dalany and I, it was a great excuse to have a chat and enjoy a guilt-free dinner afterwards.

Go on, grab a wetsuit and head to your local lido.