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Pumpkin schmumpkin I hear you cry. But just wait a minute…I thought the same about pumpkin beer, until Sunday night when the other half and I discovered some absolute crackers. With absolutely no hint of the artificial flavouring that I have long associated with flavoured or seasonal beers (except for those aged in spirits casks….I…

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On home soil


Having recently returned from a ski trip to Bulgaria that included rather a lot of hot, locally-produced Rakia with honey, I got to thinking about those drinks we regularly imbibe on foreign soil and how much better they taste when sipped in their country of origin. Whether it’s German beer, Mexican tequila, or a good…

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JG Sains 1

Every year the staff at Sainsbury’s HQ pledge four or so days to help out in store doing everything from stacking shelves to assisting with customer requests to scanning shoppers’ baskets at the checkout. As a member of the Sainsbury’s team at Phipps, just before Christmas I was assigned to my local store in Beckton…

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Bottle labels…they mean so much don’t they? It’s our first impression of a product and whilst many of us want to say we don’t judge a book by its cover, if we’re honest with ourselves we all do it at least a little bit. A recent challenge with the other half to work our way…

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