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The Jersey Royals planted by Jimmy during his trip in January. The field where he planted these is now known as Jimmy’s field!

Last week, farmer and TV presenter Jimmy Doherty joined our mission to get the nation celebrating that little Champagne of the potato world…the Jersey Royal. Jimmy hosted an exclusive media and bloggers dinner at London cookery school Food at 52, working with chef Bridget Colvin to serve up some of his favourite Jersey Royal dishes.…

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heart GH

Valentine’s Day seems to be bigger than ever this year, with magazines and websites awash with guides to romance, gifts and of course the all-important food and drink to woo that special someone. This year is all about the food, with extravagant special menus popping up for the rich (or very showy). Michelin starred chef…

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black m

Wine snobbery is a concept liberally attributed to anyone who knows their Prosecco from their Cava. It is a widely acknowledged concept that has filtered through to our everyday – to that moment, on a Friday evening, perusing the supermarket wine aisle and trying to decide which bottle your “wine snob” host will pass the…

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Sherry Fever

I’ve been sherry obsessed ever since my first taste of Tio Pepe Fino so when it came to planning my next mini-break earlier this year, it came as no surprise to my nearest and dearest that my final destination was Jerez! Relatively unknown compared to neighbouring Malaga and Seville but home to some of the…

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