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London Wine Fair always brings our wine clients from all over the world into town and we always have an entertaining time with them.  First off the Harpers Awards dinner with Matthew Clark and Wines of Germany at the Hurlingham where the Rieslings definitely got the biggest cheer of the night, then onto Rioja and…

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On what was the sunniest day of April, the Tio Pepe Sherry Ferry sailed. A canal barge to celebrate Tio Pepe fino loaded full with sherry and Iberica tapas, transformed into a floating Feria de Jerez! The barge was decked out with bucket loads of ice cold Tio Pepe, Feria de Jerez bunting, traditional Spanish…

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Tio Pepe Supper Club

So the days are getting (slightly) longer, there’s been a hint of sunshine and the clocks are due to change in the not-too-distant future – spring may still be a massive tease but I’ve noticed a difference in my fellow commuters as they sense the beginning of the change too; slightly less hunched and sallow-looking,…

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Sherry Fever

I’ve been sherry obsessed ever since my first taste of Tio Pepe Fino so when it came to planning my next mini-break earlier this year, it came as no surprise to my nearest and dearest that my final destination was Jerez! Relatively unknown compared to neighbouring Malaga and Seville but home to some of the…

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