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Talk about busy…

London Wine Fair always brings our wine clients from all over the world into town and we always have an entertaining time with them.  First off the Harpers Awards dinner with Matthew Clark and Wines of Germany at the Hurlingham where the Rieslings definitely got the biggest cheer of the night, then onto Rioja and tapas at the Cinnamon Club, followed by the Drinks Business Awards (did I mention that we won agency of the Year?), then onto the Benevolent Roof Garden where flamingos were the order of the day.  And on the way we tasted Tio Pepe en Rama, went cycling with Cono Sur to celebrate its partnership of the Grand Depart of the Tour de France (more of that later).  And it doesn’t stop.  The weekends are full of Riesling and Rioja with our Give it a Whirl pub garden tour celebrating the vinous delights of Germany and then of course Tapas Fantasticas coming up this weekend where you can fill your boots with some delicious Rioja and tapas. What are you waiting for?