Author: Alex Layton

The 7 things you didn’t know about Japanese wines

The 7 things you didn’t know about Japanese wines In the month that the #BeastfromtheEast arrived on our shores, Japanese wine has been taking London by storm. As February’s dire weather hit the city, we were treated to two unique Japanese wine tastings. The first was Koshu of Japan – taking place at the renowned […]

How I insured Angela Mount’s taste buds for £10m

It’s one thing to create a PR campaign that results in blanket media coverage at the time, it is quite another to be involved in a campaign that is still talked about nearly 15 years later. Phipps Managing Director Nicky Forrest looks back on how she helped insure Angela Mount for £10m and wished she had […]

The Phipps Mince Pie Taste Test 2017

December marks an exciting time of year – a sudden awakening for the Christmas fanatics and an excuse for the hyper-critical to get out their notepads and loosen their jeans to embark on a taste testing mission. I’m much accustomed to the Christmas sandwich taste test so I thought I’d change things up a little […]