Author: Nicky Forrest

What do Kerry Katona and an Orangutan have in common?

Who’d have thought that Iceland, who was once fronted by Kerry Katona as it’s very own celebrity queen of the jungle, would be making it’s mark this Christmas with a campaign for deforestation.  Is it because the Iceland marketing team, who famously dropped Katona as quick as a coconut falls from a tree, is secretly […]

Women in Wine: Panel structure and Questions.

Our MD Nicky talks about the Women in Wine event she was involved in this week… I was invited last night to talk to the Women in Wine London group @WineWomenLDN about consumer PR and communication in the wine industry. The panel included the illustrious Abi Barlow from @BDCreativeUK and @michelcherutti wine educator extraordinaire. We […]

Welcome to the new Phipps

Welcome to the new Phipps.  It’s not just a new website; it’s a rebrand. It all started when we realised that for a long time we had been doing a whole lot more than just PR.  Last year we organised 45 events, 8 sponsorships, worked with over 100 influencers, executed social media campaigns for seven […]

A Riesling to Celebrate

As a mother, I used to think that there were two types of people on the planet; those who have children and those who don’t. We all live in the same parallel universe but our lives are so very fundamentally different. But perhaps it’s even simpler than that? Perhaps the divide is just those who love Riesling and […]

We’re not scared of the big bad booze claims

As a woman I was delighted to hear the news of the new recommended drinking limits. I can still drink my 14 units a week, no problem. My husband who, with respect, weighs considerably more than me and can therefore drink me under the table, was less happy. What isn’t clear is why the UK […]