We’re excited to introduce Phipps’ latest offering tailored specifically for our food and drink clients seeking to expand globally beyond the UK.

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Our new worldwide offer is divided into two tiers:

Phipps Local – ideal for larger brands, this option sees Phipps partnering with agencies within our extensive global network at

As the lead agency, we orchestrate impactful campaigns across key markets such as Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and both the East and West Coasts of the US. This gives you expertise directly in your key local markets without the hassle of managing multiple agencies.

Phipps Global – is perfect for smaller brands where Phipps steps in as your global agency handling trade and consumer communications in multiple markets. We’ll craft engaging trade and consumer campaigns across all the aforementioned countries, expanding our reach to include Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. If you are looking for a different market, contact us as the chances are we’ll be able to accommodate it.

With our tailored solutions, we’re here to support food and drink brands of all sizes in making their mark on the global stage.

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