A Riesling to Celebrate

10 February 2016
As a mother, I used to think that there were two types of people on the planet; those who have children and those who don’t. We all live in the same parallel universe but our lives are so very fundamentally different. But perhaps it’s even simpler than that? Perhaps the divide is just those who love Riesling and those who are yet to be converted.
Riesling inspires a slavish devotion in people which I find fascinating, and The Riesling Fellowship, hosted by Wines of Germany UK held last week at Vintners’ Hall, is all about celebrating Riesling in its many guises. To my knowledge, I actually don’t think that any other grape variety has its own fellowship. Which should tell you all you need to know. There is simply no other grape that can touch it for its beguiling charm, its ethereal sublimity and its downright versatility.
For Wines of Germany UK, it is the grape variety of the mind, body and soul, and what better way to spend a Thursday night than hosting an event that saw ‘Generation Riesling’ producers and members of the wine trade join together for an evening of tasting, fine dining, seminars and celebration.
‘Generation Riesling’ is a group of over 500 dynamic young producers who work together to promote their wines on the global stage – www.generationriesling.de. Eleven of them flew over to join in the fun and show their wines to a highly appreciative and receptive UK trade. ‘Generation Riesling’ producers are the future of German Wine; of that there is no doubt. Their wines are graceful, powerful, thoughtful and bold. So thank you guys for coming over and bringing your wines – we hope you had a good time!
And of course throughout the evening two new Riesling Fellows were appointed; Paul Grieco from NYC for converting thousands of US citizens to the joys of Riesling, and journalist Albert de Jong from The Netherlands whose self-declared mission in life is to reveal Riesling to those who are ‘blind’.
I feel a Damascene Riesling conversion coming on.




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