There’s no KFC crisis here with our favourite chicken joints

23 February 2018
Earlier this week KFC had a spectacular meltdown, sending Britain into complete turmoil; it had run out of chicken and bird-crazed Brits were left hammering on the restaurant windows, pained at the prospect they might have to source their chicken fix elsewhere.
But fear not, this isn’t all bad. It gives you the opportunity to see beyond the lovable face of Colonel Saunders and open your eyes to a whole new dimension of fried chicken. It’s time to ditch whatever KFC loyalty you may once have harboured and test the waters further afield and we’re on hand to help you do this; we’ve come up with our five favourite chicken shops in London to help prevent you going ‘cold turkey’ with the chicken:

Other Side Fried – Pop Brixton

Located in Pop Brixton and famed for being London’s chicken burger legends, this trendy fried chicken haunt is exactly what the doctor ordered (although probably not actually) to alleviate some of the heartache caused by the #KFCcrisis. Once you’ve tried their Buffalo Burger, lovingly made with fried chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing & pickles, the KFC Zinger Burger will fade into a distant memory.

Randy’s Wing Bar – London, multiple sites

Addicted to the KFC hot wings? Did you truly believe they were the best wings out there? Well you’re about to find out! Once you try these beauties from Randy’s Wing Bar, you’ll question why you ever went to KFC before. Randy’s Wing Bar hands down makes the best wings in London, and no – this is not subjective. They really are the best.

Chicken Shop – London, multiple sites

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what’s on the Chicken Shop’s menu but it does take a genius to create the goods. They’re famed for their whole chickens roasted on a medieval-looking wood-fired spit, but for me it’s their nuggets that shine. With an outer shell so crisp and chicken meat so tender, you’ll be upping sticks and relocating to one of the few Chicken Shop neighbourhoods in no time. Say goodbye to KFC popcorn chicken, these are now a thing of the past.

Absurd Bird – London, multiple sites

If you’re one of the few people that opt for the Zinger Salad Pot on the KFC menu, Absurd Bird has you covered with their Fried Chicken Caesar Salad… but a salad’s a salad and lets face it, who in their right mind orders a salad in a fried chicken shop? If you’re a real KFC fan and feeling deprived of your daily chicken dosage during #KFCcrisis then the Absurd Bird Wingshack is your answer– a man vs. food challenge comprising of a multitude of different chickens. You’ve got fried buttermilk chicken, BBQ wings, Buffalo wings, Smoked Garlic, parmesan & lemon wings and Xtreem Hot wings. It’s the KFC family bucket on steroids.

Chick ‘n’ Sours – London, multiple sites

And lastly, it would be wrong not to include a substitute for the mighty KFC deep fried drumsticks – a gift sent from heaven, some say… or said. Once you’ve had a taste of the Chick ‘n’ Sours drumstick house fry with seaweed crack & pickled watermelon, you’ll be sending those KFC drumsticks packing. Packed full of flavour, they send your taste buds into orbit turning the humble chicken into a dish fit for kings.




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