Welcome to the new Phipps

14 July 2017
Welcome to the new Phipps.  It’s not just a new website; it’s a rebrand.
It all started when we realised that for a long time we had been doing a whole lot more than just PR.  Last year we organised 45 events, 8 sponsorships, worked with over 100 influencers, executed social media campaigns for seven of our clients and organised promotions with six UK supermarkets and major retailers.  Of course at the core of all our campaigns is the drumbeat of a strong media relations campaign, but we do so much more.
As an agency, when your offer is wide, it’s hard to articulate and so our new website tries to encapsulate all that we do and in the ‘Work’ section you’ll see it laid out by our four new communications pillars: PR, Events, Social and Trade.  The ‘Insights’ section shows you what we’ve been up to recently and if you want to meet us, find out about recent awards or fancy joining our team then just go to the ‘About Us’ section!
We’d love it if you had a look round – tell us what you think!




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