What do Kerry Katona and an Orangutan have in common?

15 November 2018

Who’d have thought that Iceland, who was once fronted by Kerry Katona as it’s very own celebrity queen of the jungle, would be making it’s mark this Christmas with a campaign for deforestation.  Is it because the Iceland marketing team, who famously dropped Katona as quick as a coconut falls from a tree, is secretly paving the way for an I’m a Celebrity, Noel Edmonds dressed as an orangutang -‘That’s why dads go to Iceland’ campaign?

Probably not; although I do think the idea has some creative merit.

No, it’s because back in April this year, Iceland pledged to make all of its own label products palm oil free by the end of 2018.  I have to say that since that announcement, I regularly nip into Iceland on my way back from the gym and stock up easy meals for the family.  I can wholeheartedly recommend its fish stew mix and macaroni cheese for one with not a dash of palm oil in sight.

But for me, the strength of this campaign (and praise be to the broadcasting laws that prevented the ad from airing on TV) is that my kids, who until the Iceland campaign was unleashed on social media, refused to eat Whole Earth no palm oil peanut butter on grounds of texture, now know that if a slightly runnier spread on their bagels in the morning might help to save deforestation in south east Asia then it’s a small sacrifice to make.

Oh and back to the original question; they both thrive in the jungle and long may it stay that way.




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