Five London vegan eateries for every type of eater

11 June 2019

Back in January, or Veganuary, as it was inescapably known, the UK overtook Germany as the world leader for vegan food launches. It was also the month that Greggs launched their sell-out vegan sausage roll, Marks & Spencer launched its Plant Kitchen Range and Waitrose even created ‘Fishless Fingers’ (nice idea, maybe work on the name).

As a result, it seemed like vegans were taking over and William Sitwell was going to have a very big job on his hands. The trend for plant-based fodder is reflected in the number of vegan menus, restaurants and – most importantly – pubs popping up all over the country. However, when 4 in 10 Brits think vegan meals are boring, can these trendy new restaurants impress?

Who better to find out than Phipps’ resident token vegan? Whilst no means an exhaustive list, in no particular order here are five London vegan restaurants you should check out whether Carnivore, Paleotarian, Pollotarian, Pescatarian, Flexitarian, Fruitarian, Vegetarian, Vegan…

Arancini Brothers

Never doubt the deliciousness of the humble risotto ball, especially when it is from Arancini Brothers – they even make them into burger patties. They went vegan in 2018 and boy am I glad they did. Plus, all their locations are BYO. Winning.

Various locations

Photo credit: @arancinibrothers

The Vurger Co

I went for the burgers and stayed for the mac n cheese. I don’t know how something so cheesy and creamy can have absolutely no cheese in it. Some kind of vegan witchcraft is afoot. Warning: You will leave in a food coma.

Various locations

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Club Mexicana

Mexican-inspired street food heroes, Club Mexicana get it so right. All the flavours you want and all the fun too. You can find them at Dinerama, Netil Market and The Spread Eagle – London’s first 100% vegan pub. What more could you want?!

Various locations

Photo credit: @clubmexicana


Not 100% vegan, but completely vegetarian with a ridiculously huge array of vegan options, Mildred’s is eternally busy and it’s not hard to see why. Vibrant, fresh food that is globally inspired. You can go from brunch, to Dashi dumplings. Then Caribbean jerk tofu and finish it all off with chocolate hazelnut truffle pudding. Moreover, all the beer and wine is vegan. There is something for everyone but, with no reservations, be prepared to queue for it!

Various locations

Photo credit: @mildredsrestaurants

Café Van Gogh

Revered in vegan circles across London, Café Van Gogh is a 100% vegan, non-profit restaurant with a zero-waste mentality just down the road from Oval. In no way ‘trendy’ however, thank god, this down-to-earth, cosy restaurant has awesome food and is famous for being the best vegan roast in London – aside from my own.

88 Brixton Road, SW9 6BE

Photo credit: @cafevangogh01




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