Thinking pink – discussing the trend behind pink drinks

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31 July 2018

Phipps MD Nicky Forrest and intern Aitana Romeo Garcia discuss this summer’s hottest trend, pink drinks.

From Starbucks #pinkdrink on Instagram to pink gins from @pinkstergin and @marksandspencer there is no doubt that pink drinks have finally gone mainstream this summer, breathing new life into the millennial pink phenomenon.

It seems that there are two schools of thought, on the one hand there are the ‘flavour saviours’ who talk about natural ingredients whether it’s rhubarb, raspberries or rose petals and then there are the ‘colour warriors’ who are all about the look of the drink and its photogenic versatility.

What is for certain is that the Brits’ love affair with gin shows no sign of slowing down. During the last six months, the number of pink gins on the market has grown substantially and according to Wine and Spirit Trade Association, 1 in 4 gin launches have been pink.

La vie en rosé

And don’t forget rosé wine which according to Wine Intelligence has gone up by 53% over the last 10 years (RIG Seminar, Wine and Spirits Trade Association, 2018)

M&S, the worthy winner of the IWC Best Rose Supermarket of the Year that has over 40 rosés on its list, puts it down to rosé wines beginning to establish themselves as a serious quality player for special occasions as well as for every day picnic picks.

Whatever the reason, we love a pink drink at Phipps and nothing beats a pink gin with a simple raspberry garnish (one of your five a day, right?)


Article Drink


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