As a specialist food and drink PR agency in London, we are renowned in our industry for our unrivalled media and influencer contacts. Being well-connected gives us insight, and that’s how we begin to build our campaigns: Insight – Strategy – Creativity – Tactics – Evaluation.

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For brands looking to build brand exposure through the trade we work with our multi-channel network across retail, bars, restaurants, food service and media to deliver food and drink trade PR campaigns.  For some clients we might organise a major category promotion with a supermarket or for another we might use our 800+ buyer network to set up month long nationwide promotional campaign through independent retailers and bars and restaurants.

We also handle trade media for our clients whether it’s a trade press office as part of a wider campaign or trade media outreach as part of a corporate communications strategy.

We work with HR teams on internal communications strategies, deliver multi-stakeholder campaigns and handle major crises from union disputes and factory fires to contamination issues and major redundancies.

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